CMCUC Youth Band Concert Photo Album

CMCUC Youth Band Concert Photo Album
Date: June 21, 2015 (Father day)
Venus: Chown Memorial and Chinese United Church

Hiring New Youth Worker

CMCUC Youth Worker Job Description

Chown Memorial and Chinese United Church, located in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver is looking for a part time youth worker.  The successful candidate is tasked to help build and develop alongside the ministry team the youth ministry of Chown Memorial and Chinese United Church.

The youth worker must have a love for God, enjoy working with and alongside teenagers/young adults, and a pastoral heart to see them grow in their relationship with Christ and how their active faith walk can impact the local church and that of the surrounding community. The youth worker will be a good Christian witness mentoring youth and have a passion for: community outreach, the local church and assisting the youth in building their leadership skills. This person will have strong relational and excellent communication skills in a cross cultural setting. A degree/diploma in Christian theology and experience in mentoring and discipling young people in a relational ministry setting is required.  Prior youth ministry experience is helpful. The youth worker should be active, outgoing, organized, and flexible and have excellent leadership skills yet have the ability to be a team player.


  1. Degree or diploma in Christian theology or intern student in Canada Christian Theology School
  2. Bilingual (fluent in English and Chinese)
  3. Must have Christian theology background
  4. Personality: Active, outgoing, organized, flexible, leadership yet the ability to be a team player and good communication skills
  5. Prior youth ministry experience in a cross cultural setting is an asset
  6. Criminal Record Search Check
  7. Attend the services to understand the church. Not both in one day, but choose and switch around.

Part time: starting from ~8 hours per week

3 hours – Joshua fellowship

3 hours – Chinese Sunday School worship and program

2 hours – preparation work


  1. Help our church to develop the youth ministry
  2. Help Chinese Sunday school Worship & program
  3. Help our church to develop the youth ministry
    1. Encourage youth in developing their relationship to God
    2. Challenge them to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and world
    3. Help to develop new youth project
  4. Youth counseling
  5. Develop Youth leadership training

CMCUC Youth Band Performance

CMCUC Youth Band Performance

Date: Nov. 10, 2012


Host: Church Music Ministry of Canada

Location: Evangelical Chinese Bible Church




講道錄音 Aug 12, 2012 詩篇與耶穌基督:骨頭一根也不折斷 – Rev. Everest Kao 高一峰牧師

講道錄音 Aug 12, 2012  


 詩篇與耶穌基督:骨頭一根也不折斷- Rev. Everest Kao 高一峰牧師

講道錄音 Jul 29, 2012 心靈誠實的敬拜 – Rev. Everest Kao 高一峰牧師

講道錄音 Jul 29, 2012  


靈誠實的敬拜 – Rev. Everest Kao 高一峰牧師

講道錄音 Jul 15, 2012 “詩篇與耶穌基督(五):榮耀的王” – Rev. Everest Kao 高一峰牧師

講道錄音 Jul 15, 2012  


“詩篇與耶穌基督(五):榮耀的王” – Rev. Everest Kao 高一峰牧師